Le Bourget, France June 19-25, 2023

Paris Air Show

The Ohio Department of Development’s Office of Small Business and Global Trade is supporting seven Ohio companies at the Paris Air Show, June 19-25, 2023. The companies are receiving funding through the International Market Access Grant for Exporters – IMAGE – which receives funding from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s State Trade Expansion Program. The companies also will receive on-the-ground support during the air show.


General Tool Company

General Tool Company is an elite manufacturer of mission-critical systems to the aerospace and defense industries worldwide. GTC acts as a seamless extension of its customers’ teams, solving their complex fabrication, machining, and assembly challenges and delivering robust manufacturing solutions for their mission-critical programs.

North American Coating Laboratories

North American Coating Laboratories provides coatings for a variety of customers in the polymer and glass optics markets. The company’s experience in both dip and vacuum-applied processes make it one of the most respected organizations in the optical coating field. The company’s coating competencies include protective, scratch-resistant, reflective, anti-reflective, filter, conductive, ITO, chemically resistive, and infrared coatings. NACL is an ISO 9001 certified and ITAR registered organization.

Martin Machine

Martin Machine is a manufacturer of custom bushings and components for the most demanding aerospace and industrial applications. Martin Machine customers include aerospace OEMs, MROs, and several other industry OEMs. The manufacturing methods and processes are AS9100 certified. For more than 25 years, Martin Machine has specialized in manufacturing a variety of custom bronze bushings and bronze components. Today, with the company’s machining expertise and the latest CNC Turn-Mill machines, Martin Machine offers complete manufacturing of custom precision bearings and bushings, flanges, washers, double flange bearings, full-half bearings, spacers, special and standard oil groove bushings, and custom machined parts that can be shipped on a global basis. The company has expanded to produce bushings from aluminum, brass, copper, powder metal alloys, steel, stainless steel, and a wide array of bronze alloys.

Clampco Products

Established in 1971, Clampco Products is a leading USA manufacturer of engineered joining solutions. Clampco’s V-Band Coupling, T-Bolt Band Clamp, and Strap products serve many aerospace markets, such as commercial flight, defense, space, and ground support equipment. Clampco’s customers appreciate the extensive technical and engineering support from the initial design concept through production manufacturing. Stainless steel and specialty aerospace-grade materials are used to meet the products strength, temperature, and corrosion parameters. As an AS9100 certified manufacturer, Clampco understands the precision and durability required for aerospace applications. Clampco backs this up with industry-leading customer support at typically half the lead time of its aerospace competition.

Halliday Technologies

Halliday Technologies has designed and manufactured runway continuous friction testing equipment for 30 years. It serves airports globally, including more than 60 U.S. airports. The RT3® Flight Friction Tester accurately measures pavement surface friction with repeatable results. Airfield operations can measure surface friction quickly and efficiently, minimizing runway downtime. The RT3 data determines where to remove rubber, how the surface friction characteristics have changed, and how to optimize surface performance while reducing chemical usage in winter. The RT3 Flight is easy to maintain, holds its calibration, and can be used in harsh conditions. The unit integrates into the vehicle but is accessible and removable in non-winter months. Customers who regularly test in non-winter months can use the vehicle normally with the wheel raised.

Master Fluid Solutions

Master Fluid Solutions provides high-quality metalworking fluids to the global market. As innovators, the company offers specialty cutting/grinding fluids, cutting oils, concentrated washing and cleaning compounds, and rust preventatives under the TRIM® and Master STAGESTM trademarks. Master Fluid Solutions’ team delivers solutions to the metalworking industry and ensures their clients satisfaction. The company’s value proposition lowers usage and extends the product life that yields cost savings and reduced waste. The aerospace market is a key focus of the business with more product approvals and hence multiple product options for customers.

ZIN Technologies Inc.

ZIN Technologies Inc. is an award-winning AS 9100 registered small business headquartered in Northeast Ohio. Established in 1957, ZIN provides systems design, development, engineering and integration, test and evaluation, advanced aerospace systems modeling and simulation, and support the full life cycle development of hardware and software. ZIN began developing space flight hardware for the space shuttle, MIR, the International Space Station, and currently the lunar Habitation and Logistics Outpost (HALO) in support of research applications and the Artemis program, that has evolved into complex satellite systems and space vehicle and launch systems. ZIN is a wholly owned subsidiary of Voyager Space Holdings.