Dubai, United Arab Emirates Jan 29-Feb 1, 2024

Arab Health 2024

For a third consecutive year, the Ohio Department of Development is thrilled to be hosting 8 Ohio companies at Arab Health in Dubai, UAE, Jan 29-Feb 1, 2024. Arab Health is the largest health care event in the Middle East and welcomes visitors from over 100 countries. Check out how Ohio companies are Diversifying Healthcare at Stand H1.B30.


ACE Medical

ACE Medical Company, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, was established over a decade ago to provide hospitals and surgeons with better-quality instruments to enhance surgery outcomes. Its unmatched best-in-class quality German-made instruments are very durable, require minimal maintenance, and result in the lowest total cost of ownership. Ace Medical instruments are used in various surgical areas, such as spine surgery, neurosurgery, plastic surgery, gynecology, orthopedics, urology, and general surgery.

Bay Corporation

Bay Corporation, located in Westlake, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer medical gas fittings. The company designs and creates connections, adaptors, and hose assemblies for the respiratory, anesthesia, dental, emergency care, surgical, home care, and cardiopulmonary fields. Bay Corporation’s products are used by equipment manufacturers, medical device distributors, medical equipment repair and refurbish companies, hospital biomedical personnel, and other gas related experts around the world.


Bertec, headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, is a globally recognized designer, manufacturer, and marketer of research-grade and clinical biomechanical equipment and software. Trusted by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and other professionals striving to understand the human body's movement, Bertec's tools empower athletes and patients to achieve their performance and rehabilitation goals. Institutions also rely on Bertc’s products including Nike, the U.S. Olympic Swimming Team, Toyota Robotics, the NIH, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and Harvard University. Founded in 1987, Bertec continues to tackle some of the most ambitious engineering projects in multiple disciplines including biomechanics, mechatronics, immersive virtual reality, eye tracking, and computer vision to bring industry-leading solutions to practitioners, researchers, and clinicians.

General Sleep Corporation

General Sleep, based in Cleveland, Ohio, supplies researchers and clinicians with various products and services, including medical devices for EEG applications and patented solutions for insomnia treatment and brainwave analysis. These offerings are designed to enable maximum effectiveness in the study of sleep and sleep disorders. General Sleep Corporation is only minutes away from the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, and Case Western Reserve University. Established in 1992, General Sleep specializes in the design and development of medical devices which use electroencephalography (EEG) in a variety of clinical and research applications, such as anesthesiology, human performance, and sleep medicine. The corporation holds a number of patents.

Synapse BioMedical

Synapse Biomedical (SBI) located in Oberlin, Ohio, is dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of life-altering neurostimulation products. The pioneering of this technology will allow the global healthcare community to reach beyond current treatment methods and provide a new standard of care to improve patient outcomes.

RE Cooling Tech

NeuroRescue Inc. (dba RE Cooling Tech), founded by a 23-year veteran firefighter and paramedic, works to address the limited options for athletes and laborers facing heat-related challenges. Winner of the Accelerate South business accelerator, the company offers a portable and effective solution – a neck wrap circulating cold water. With insights from his career, founder Robert Michael Maher extends the technology to firefighters during their “rehab” phase, aiming to improve health and safety in various labor divisions.


Based in Columbus, Ohio, Vesco Medical designs professional tube-feeding products. The company’s narrow selection of tube-feeding products allow it to focus on what matters most: consistent quality and customer satisfaction. Vesco is a proud Global Enteral Device Supplier Association (GEDSA) member. GEDSA was formed to help introduce international safety standards in medical device tubing connectors that reduce the risk of tubing misconnections.


Since its founding in 1917, WillowWood, has been focused on caring for healthcare providers and their patients. The Mt. Sterling, Ohio-based company is committed to being an innovative product developer, excelling in customer care, being a generous and caring corporate citizen, and providing a great workplace. WillowWood's mission is to design and manufacture prosthetic products that are comfortable and functional. Every product the company creates is aimed at enabling individuals with limb loss to remain active and ready to live life to the fullest. The company has been at the forefront of technology, with products like Carbon Copy Feet, Alpha® Liners, and LimbLogic®.

Ohio's Healthcare Industry

Bioscience companies

With a growing talent pool of about 87,000 bioscience employees (excluding healthcare providers).

Funding in 2021

Attracted $3.5 billion in funding in 2021, from sources including venture capital, exits, angel investment, federal research grants, and state initiatives.

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Awarded over 11,000 life sciences-related degrees and certificates in 2020, an increase of 77% since 2006.